DCM (District Committee Member)

The DCM is the Chairperson of the monthly District VII meeting. The DCM is also a member of the of the Area Committee and acts as liaison between the District and Area. The DCM has usually had service experience at the District level as a GSR (General Service Representative) or other service chair position and should have enough sobriety (4-5 years) to be eligible for election as a Delegate. The DCM should have enough time to attend the District and Area meetings and perform the duties as outlined below:

Regular attendance at monthly District meetings and all Area Assemblies and business meetings.

Chairs the monthly District meeting, which is attended by GSR's and Committee Chairs.

Provides an agenda for the District meeting.

Provides a monthly DCM report to the District, given at the monthly District meeting.

Receives reports from the groups via the GSR and Committee Chairs at the District meeting.

Continues to help the Delegate and Alternate Delegate maintain current group information within District VII, in time for the GSO A.A. Directories.

Keeps GSRs informed of all Area Conferences, business meetings, and workshops.

Provides a DCM report (written and if possible electronically) at all Area Assemblies and business meetings.

Makes sure all GSRs are acquainted with the AA Service Manual and all other service related material.

Provide sign up sheet for monthly District meeting. Send copies to District Secretary and Central Office.

Organizes workshops and service sharing sessions.

Keeps in frequent contact with the Alternate DCM, Local DCM and the Delegate in order to cover all service aspects within District VII.

Picks up Area 24 Donations at the Des Moines Post Office monthly (2nd Ave.) and delivers to the Area 24 Treasurer. PO Box 1291. Pick up monthly and send. Area 24 reimburses you.

Be available to help with group problems or issues.

Bring questions regarding traditions to the attention of the Delegate.

Visits groups within the District and invites them to attend the District meeting. (Using your Alternate DCM and Local DCM are highly recommended).

Receives reports from the Inter - group/Central Office and cooperates and assists when needed.

Every other year on odd years attend the forum if funds are available.

Assists Area Committee when asked or needed.

Reminds all committee chairs from District that they are part of the committee that presents at the Area 24 level and should, if funds are available, plan on attending the Spring/Fall conference during their committee meeting.

Term: Two years

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