Jasper Co. Jail AA Meeting Attendance Prerequisite


(Per Jasper County Sheriff's Department Per Chief Jailer)


* Not under the influence

* Not on probation or parole

* Not been in jail for the last 6 months

* No jail-able charges or court dates pending

*Have Civilian Visitor's Information Sheet on file with jail

*Have Read & Signed (PREA) Volunteer Information Sheet

*Have been approved by Chief Jailer




(Per Newton Recovery Group)


* 3rd Tradition to attend


* 3 months sobriety is suggested to chair


** Contacts Men: John M    641-373-1898 



** Contact Women: Joy D       641-791-7232 


** Times for Men's meetings:      7 pm Tues.


** Times for Women's meetings: 7 pm Wed.


 (note that jail entry time is 10 minutes before the hour )

 (chair will call 1 hour ahead of time to be sure of inmate attendance )

 (JCJ civilian/ volunteer forms are available at the jail or Newton meetings or can be e-mailed)