District 7 Past Actions
District 7 Past Actions
revised 08/03/04
Date Motion/Action
January 12, 2003
Motion Passes - If a committee chairperson misses two times per year (January to December, with or without a report) They will be contacted, and if a third is missed the body has the right to replace them.
Motion Passed- Set 2003 Budgets
DCM 650.00
Corrections 500.00
Alt DCM 440.00
Newsletter 200.00
PI 500.00
CPC 500.00
Literature 100.00
Grapevine 200.00
Archives 770.00
Treatment 1800.00
February 9, 2003
Motion Passes- to keep the District Liaison™s Report in the Agenda.
Motion Passes- to accept District Guidelines.
March 9, 2003
Motion Passes- to increase CPC budget $1000. Totaling $1700.
Motion Failed to create a line item budget of $1250 to cover MTA bus signs for 6 months.
Motions Passes- to increase Corrections budget $500.
April 13.2003
Motion Passes- for buffet style lunch to be part of the Conference Bid Committee and for Jeff to be a trusted servant for decisions.
Motion Passes- for a DCM line item budget to be created for $1100 to cover expenses for the West Central Regional Conference and the Forum & to increase the DCM budget to $1000.
Motion Passes For the Alternate DCM™s budget to be increased to $600 and to put the West Central Regional on a line item budget for this last year. And in the future for the Alt. DCM not have expenses paid to Regional and Forum unless the DCM cant attend.
Motion Tabled For Archives to create a website for District 7 in conjunction with Intergroup.
May 11, 2003
Motion Fails- for Archives budget not to be increased for Area 24 Spring Conference.
Motion Fails- for Archives budget to be increased by $85 to cover most expenses at Area 24 Conference.
Motion Passes- for District 7 to participate in a Group Cluster Meeting with Jack P. in charge.
Motion Fails- for all committees & officers to re-visit their budgets and re-vote on them next month in order to make sure Districts donated money from its groups are being spent correctly.
June 8, 2003
Motion Passed -to create a line item budget for 40 copies of the Area 24 Directory printed and bound for each GSR. Cost would be roughly $120-$150. This would be once every 2 years when directory is published.
Motion passed - to support the format change suggested from March Service Weekend that a workshop for GSRs be created: That the Area 24 Delegate send background information along with agenda items to appropriate area officers/service chairs and that these officers/service chairs as well as the delegate present this information at the Service Weekend in March. Additionally, a GSR workshop will be conducted by a panel of past delegates€.
Motion passed - to create a committee to begin researching a District 7 website. Dawn would be chairperson and would select committee persons.
Motion passed - that on those months when Area 24 Representatives visit District 7 ( once/quarter) , GSR reports and oral Committee reports not be given except when key issues must be announced or decisions made. Motion was amended to say that committee reports will be in written form and given to the Secretary.
Motion passed - that GSR reports be limited to 2 minutes each and Committee Chair reports be limited to 4 minutes each, with the exception of prior approval of the DCM.
Motion passed -to use a timer to help keep GSR & Committee reports to aforementioned time limits.
Motion passed - to create a committee to look at all areas in District 7 to possibly host an Area 24 Conference for Spring/Fall. Jeff will chair and assemble committee.
July 13, 2003
Motion passed for the District 7 Meeting in Osceola on August 10th be held at 4pm at the Clark County Hospital.
Motion passed for the DCM to bring to the Area 24 Business meeting in Marshalltown that District 7 requests that business meetings at the Area 24 Conferences be free of charge for voting members.
August 10, 2003
Motion passed- to create a website for District 7 and that a separate chair be elected with a committee to form content of website.
Motion passed 1st vote for Dawn E. to be elected Website Chairperson
Motion failed 2nd vote (after minority spoke) for Dawn E. to be elected Website Chairperson.
September 14, 2003
Motion passed- for Sean N. to be Chair of new Website Committee.
October 12, 2003
Motion passed- for the groups to take the Treasure vacancy back to their groups.
Motion failed- to schedule District meetings at a different time on the weekends when Area Assemblies are held.
Motion tabled to discuss being apart of the partyline until December.
November 9, 2003
Motion passed for Emily C. to become the new treasure for the 2003 - 2004 term.
December 14, 2003
Motion failed - to pass along minutes of District Meeting via District Liaison to PartyLine editor for publication in the newsletter and that we do not have a separately elected Newsletter position at District.
January 11, 2004
Motion Passed- Set 2004 Budgets
DCM Not Present
Alt DCM 500.00
LCM 50.00
PI 2500.00
CPC 500.00
Literature 200.00
Grapevine 200.00
Archives 770.00
Treatment 1750.00
Web Site 200.00
Corrections 1000.00
Motion failed to make DCM budget $1000 without the DCMs propose budget or conference.
Motion passed to eliminate Newsletter budget of $400.
February 8, 2004
Motion passed for a $1000.00 to be allotted to the DCM 2004 Budget.
Motion failed for a special District meeting to be held to discuss and review the 2004 General Service Conference Committee Agenda.
March 14, 2004
Motion passed for the April District meeting to be held April 4 (one week earlier) instead of on Easter Sunday April 11.
April 11, 2004
No Business Actions Taken.
May 9, 2004
Motion passed for Cecil S. to take over CPC Chair until end of term in December.
Motion passed for Shannon M. to take over Treatment Chair until end of term in December.
Motion passed to table the Web & Secretary Chair positions until June so GSRs can take to groups.
Motion passed for the Intergroup Liaison to take on District Liaison responsibilities. (We will see what Intergroup says next month if they agreed too €“ they said if we choose to have a rep then we need to vote on one €“ we did in July and chose Jeff to fulfill that position since he is already the Intergroup Liason to District)
June 13, 2004
Motion passed for Sheila G. to take over Secretary until the end of the term in December.
Motion passed for Tom C. to take over Web Chair until the end of the term in December.
July 11, 2004
Motion passed for Jeff N. to become our District Liason to Intergroup.
August 8, 2004
Motion passed for Alternate DCM to increase budget $200 to be able to attend Fall Assembly.
Motion passed not to travel to different location for District until next term.
September 12, 2004
Motion passed - That Jeff N. gather information regarding District 7 hosting the 2006 Area 24 Spring Conference and present it to the Area 24 body at the Fall 2004 Conference.
October 10, 2004
Motion passed - That the outgoing committee chairs and officers prepare budgets for the incoming chairs and officers which will be ready in time to be distributed to the new chairs and officers after elections.
Motion passed To replace the current Grapevine Chair due to a lack of attendance for the remainder of the term. After hearing minority Motion passed to revote. Motion failed €“ to replace the Grapevine Chair for the remainder of the term.
Motion passed For the District Chairperson€™s Budget to include Service Conferences.
November 14, 2004
No Information available
December 12, 2004
No Information available

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