District 7 Past Actions
District 7 Past Actions
Date Motion/Action
January 2011
District committee will get their budgets together and bring it to next month’s meeting
February 2011
Teri made a motion that the committee knows that there must be 2 signatures on each check. Carrie seconded the motion, motion passed.
Michelle made a motion that past actions be complied to give to the web master, and that the district guidelines are reflected because of that.
March 2011
Carl made a motion to host a workshop in District 7 on A.A. Principlas in the digital age. Carrie E. seconded the motion. Motion carried
April 2011
Delegate Maureen will come to District and give her report from NY
May 2011
No available information.
June 2011
No available information.
July 2011
No available information.
August 2011
No available information.
September 2011
No available information.
October 2011
No Information available.
November 2011
A new District body was elected
December 2011
No Information available.
January 2012
No Information available.
February 2012
John B. made motions to do a presentation for GSR's that he would bring someone in to do, would take about an hour. Chris S, seconded and the motion passed.
Leanne made a motion to do a group inventory. John B seconded it and motion passed.
March 2012
Leanne made motion to change meeting day of District 7 to the 3rd Sunday instead of the 2nd Sunday. Bonnie seconded the motion, and the motion failed.
April 2012
No motions submitted.
May 2012
Motion was made by Michelle P to appoint an adhoc committee to process notes from our inventory and arrive at good proposals to bring back to District meeting to discuss. Carl S seconded and the motion passed.
June/July 2012
Jill S made a motion for Brian T and Tom C to put in a bid for the Area 24 Fall Conference for 2011 in Des Moines. Carl seconded the motion and the the motion passed.
Leanne made a motion and was seconded by Linda H to pay Rick C $77 mileage plus hotel amount for his visit here. Some discussion was made. Jill made an amendment to the motion to pay Rick C up to $200 for his visit if he hadnt been already reimbursed by his area. Brian T seconded the motion and the motion passed.
August 2012
Someone made a motion and Leanne seconded it to draft a seperate mission statement for guidelines for District 7 motion passed.
Jill made the motion to add the word 'committee' back into the mission statement. John B seconded, and motion failed.
Jayson J made motion to table this for the first of next year, Mike seconded, lots more discussion. Amendment was made to motion, discussion from Leanne, do not tale we should come back to revisit. The motion failed.
Tim made motion to table all recomendations for now and Brit seconded. The motion passed.
Jayson J made a motion to elect Tom C to chair of the 2011 Fall Conference . Someone else seconded it and motion passed.
September 2012
Carl S made a motion to purchase a laptop for the Secretary to use up to $500. including a multi year service plan, and add to the Secretary SOP, familiarity with computerss and typing skills recommended. Gunner seconded the motion and motion passed.
October 2012
No motions submitted.
November 2012
No motions submitted.
December 2012
No motions submitted.

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