District 7 Past Actions
District 7 Past Actions
revised 08/03/04
Date Motion/Action
January 12, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted on 1997 Annual Budgets.
DCM 500 DaAnn C.
Alt DCM 300 Glenda H.
Local DCM 200 Lou G.
CPC 150 Jim M.
Corrections 500 Craig S.
Grapevine 200 Lisa C.
Literature 100 Merrillyn H.
Newsletter 50 Kimouri
PI 500 Tom W.
Treatment 500 Rob H.
Secretary 000 Catherine G.
Archives 000 Megan N.
Treasurer 000 Jill H.
Motion Passed-Voted to have GSR event on Feb 22nd at Cuttys.
Motion Failed-Pay 218.00 for DJ Dance following Service Event at Cuttys.
Motion Failed- Make District Meeting a smoking meeting.
February 9, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted for 100.00 deposit for Service Day.
Motion Passed-Voted for 400.00 Archives 1997 budget.
Motion Passed-Voted for 25.00/month Secretary 1997 budget.
April 13.1997
Motion Passed-Voted to have the CD issue at the Area level on the agenda at Spring Conference.
Motion Passed-Voted for reoccurring events budgets for 1997.
Service Sharing 60
Picnic 350
Service Night Out 150
Hospitality Room 97 230
Meeting Schedules 100 per printing
May 11, 1997
Motion Tabled-Voted to table motion for helping with the computer at Central Office.
June 8, 1997
July 13, 1997
Final 1997 Spring Conference Report
Registration 526
Dinner 301
Lunch 210
Income $12,126.36
Expenses $10,488.31
Less Seed $ 500.00
Net Profit $ 1,138.05
August 10, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted to increase Treatment Budget by $250.00 for literature and videos.
September 14, 1997
No Business Actions Taken.
October 12, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted to abolish the District 7 Labor-Day Picnic
Motion Passed-Voted to have Service Sharing Session on Election year.
Motion Failed-To combine Service Sharing Session & Service Night-Out.
Motion Passed-Elected co-Chair Shawn L. for Service Night-Out.
November 9, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted to elect new Treasurer next month.
Motion Passed-Voted to have Treasurer bring back next month actual expenses & income from Jan 97 to current.
Motion Passed-Voted to cut out raffle and drop payment of 100.00 for every printing of meeting directories, to 25.00.
December 14, 1997
Motion Passed-Voted to have Service Night Out on Sept. 12, 1998.
Motion Passed-Voted to make Prudent Reserve 1000.00.
Motion Passed-Elected Teisha H. as new Treasurer due to resignation by Jill H.
January 11, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted to delete the individual group donation on the Treasurer's Report.
Motion Passed-Voted when Chairperson announces budget and no objections, budget is accepted.
Motion Passed-Voted on 1998 Budgets
DCM 500
Alt DCM 150
Local DCM 150
CPC 150
Corrections 400
Grapevine N/A
Literature 100 .
Newsletter 200
PI 500
Treatment 500 .
Secretary N/A
Archives N/A
February 8, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted on GrapeVine Budget of 200.00
Motion Passed-Voted to have Service Night Out Chair Lou G. look for new location and dates and get back to District next month.
Motion Passed-Voted to not have GSRs give verbal report unless a new GSR or a special event.
Motion Passed-Voted to hold one District meeting a quarter in an outlying town in District 7.
Motion Passed-Voted to form a committee to organize District meeting outside of Des Moines. Includes DCM ,Alt DCM, Local DCM.
March 8, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted to not vote on anything due to lack of attendance.
April 12, 1998
May 10, 1998
Motion Failed-Treatment Committee for BTG calls use Central Office to funnel the calls to (2) Treatment Committee members, who will then contact the people on the Temporary contact list, to have them contact patients.
June 14, 1998
Motion Failed-To contact Archives Chair and get an answer if she is interested in keeping her position.
Motion Passed-Voted to elect a new Archive Chair next month.
Motion Passed-Voted to elect a new LCM next month due to LCM resignation.
Motion Failed-To have Treatment Committee contact patient to make sure contact was made.
Motion Passed-Voted to have the Treatment Facilities committee contact the people on the BGAP list to insure they made contact.
July 12, 1998
Motion Passed-Elected Archives Chair Pat M.
Motion Passed-Elected LCM Tim P.
Motion Passed-Voted to hold October District Meeting in Pella, IA, and co-hosted by Knoxville.
Motion Passed-Elected Service Night Out Chair Betsy F.
August 8, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted to present a bid at the Fall Conference for the Regional Forum to be held in Des Moines.
Motion Passed-Voted to have DCM form a committee to present bid.
September 13, 1998
Motion Passed- Voted to set 360.00 Archives Budget.
Motion Passed-Voted to have elections in new business.
Motion Passed-Voted on new 1999/2000 Officers & Committee Chairs:
DCM: Glenda H. Corrections: Sean L. Treatment: Will G.
Alt DCM: Tom W. CPC: Catherine G.
LCM: Tim P. GrapeVine: Heidi C.
Secretary: Jennifer P. Literature: Lyla H.
Treasurer: Teisha H. Newsletter: Kimori
Archives: Pat M. PI: Gary G.
October 18, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted on additional LCM to assist in Outer parts of District, Nominated Betsy F.
November 8, 1998
Motion Passed-Voted to adjust PI Budget by 320.00.
December 13, 1998
Motion Failed-To make District Meeting a smoking meeting.

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