District 7 Past Actions
District 7 Past Actions
revised 08/03/04
Date Motion/Action
January 10, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted on 1999 budgets:
DCM 500
Alt DCM 150
Local DCM 150
Local DCM 150
CPC 150
Corrections 400
Grapevine 200
Literature 100
Newsletter 200
PI 820
Treatment 500
Secretary N/A
Archives 400
Line Items
Meeting Schedules: 25
Service Nite Out: 150
Service Sharing: 60
Motion Failed-To make District Meeting a smoking meeting.
February 14, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted to let each GSR a verbal report.
Motion Passed-Voted on creating a list of GSR reports that are updated each month by GSR to be entered into the meeting minutes.
Motion Passed-Voted on GSRs announcing available Correction position to their meetings.
March 14, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted in new Correction Chair Erin M.
Motion Passed-Voted on providing 4/5 books for Alanon Birthday Celebration.
April 11.1999
Motion Passed-Voted on holding upcoming District Mtg in Newton, IA.
May 9, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted on holding District Meeting in Newton at 2:30PM on July 11, 1999 at the Salvation Army.
June 15, 1999
Motion Tabled-To discuss making bid for 2001 spring or fall conference, till more info to report.
July 11, 1999
August 8, 1999
September 12, 1999
October 12, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted to re-imburse DCM for 653.19 in expenses for attending the Regional Forum in Sheridan, Wy.
Motion Passed-Voted to give Corrections 400.00 for Literature Racks.
Motion Passed-Voted to raise temp. contact committee and corrections by 350.00 to purchase a fax machine and install a second line into Central Office.
November 14, 1999
Motion Failed- 11/20- To stop action on fax machine until we get more information.
December 12, 1999
Motion Passed-Voted on additional DCM expenses of 16.61.
January 9, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted on bidding for Fall Conference in 2001 for District 7.
Motion Passed-Voted on Secretary providing copy of minutes to Area Archives.
Motion Passed-Voted on all Cell Phones, pagers, etc...be turned off during meeting.
February 13, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted on 2000 budgets:
DCM 500
Alt DCM 50
Local DCM 50
CPC 500
Corrections 800
Grapevine 200
Literature 100
Newsletter 200
PI 1320
Treatment 750
Secretary N/A
Archives 580
March 8, 2000
April 9, 2000
(Motion Passed-Voted to bid on Fall 2001 Conference at 2000 Spring Conference.
Motion Passed-Voted to move District Meeting to Osceola on May 21, 2000.
May 21, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted to hold Service Nite Out, and elected Jackie O as chairperson.
Motion Passed-1stVote-Voted to do PI Billboard.
Motion Failed-2nd Vote -Voted to not do Billboard for PI.
June 11, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted Craig P. as Corrections Chair.
July 9, 2000
August 8, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted to increase GrapeVine Budget by 80.00.
September 10, 2000
October 18, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted to increase Treatment budget by 500.00 to cover expenses for rest of year and existing bills.
Motion Passed-Voted to provide itemized spending of Treatment in last year.
Motion Failed-Require approval by District for any trips taken with budget moneys.
November 12, 2000
Motion Passed-To vote on positions in old business.
Motion Passed-Voted on new 2001/2002 Officers & Committee Chairs:
DCM: Tom W.
Corrections: Allison P.
Treatment: Jackie O.
Alt DCM: Heidi C.
CPC: Kerry S.
LCM: Pat M.
Treatment: Jackie O.
LCM: Dave W.
GrapeVine: Sue M.
Secretary: Julie N.
Literature: Brian C.
Treasurer: Becky P.
Newsletter: Chuck E.
Archives: John S. PI: Kimori
Motion Failed-To not discuss the conditions of the building (being torn down etc..) during the District meeting.
December 13, 2000
Motion Passed-Voted on Secretary providing copy of minutes to Area and District Archives at the end of each month.
Motion Passed-Voted Liz B in as CPC chair due to resignation.

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