The Treasurer should have 5 years continuous sobriety. The responsibilities of the District Treasurer are as follows:

Record all monies donated to District 7 by groups and all monies spent by District 7 and its committees and officers.

Keep the checking account in balance on a monthly basis with bank statements.

Report the districts financial standing each month to the district body, furnishing a written itemized report, showing the beginning balance, income (itemized), expenses (itemized), Committee expenses, current balance, and available less Prudent Reserve. The Treasurer report should also include a spreadsheet showing the checks written throughout the year for each committee and officer's expense.

Term: Two years

Link to monthly District 7 Treasurer reports

Link to monthly District 7 meeting schedule

Direct comments to Jane C. the Treasurer by clicking this link
or send an email to treasurer @
Check your District 7 Email

A GSO pamphlet about Money and Spirituality and donations

Group donations may be sent to the following addresses:

General Service Office
P.O. Box 459
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163

Please make checks payable to the 'General Service Board'
and write your group number on the check OR

Preaddressed group contribution envelopes are available from G.S.O.
(See Birthday Contribution Envelopes in the GSO Catalog)

Area 24 (State of Iowa)
PO Box 1291
Des Moines, IA 50301

District 7 of AA
PO Box 71
Des Moines, IA 50301

Des Moines Central Office/Intergroup
1620 Pleasant Suite 228
Des Moines, IA 50314-1640