The Grapevine Representative's (GVR) job is to make sure that members are aware of the Fellowship's international journal and enhancements to sobriety it offers. The GVR is the groups' contact with the Grapevine office. GVR's will receive mailings containing order forms for the magazine and related items, along with occasional special announcements and updates. Of course, the GVR reads the magazine regularly, announces its arrival at groups each month, and lets members know how to order subscriptions. The GVR makes the Grapevine available to other service committees, such as corrections, treatment, cooperation with the professional community. The GVR also attends all District meetings so the District can be well informed of what the Grapevine is doing, and what efforts are being made to cooperate with other committees so we can carry the message of our program of recovery by distributing our "meeting in print". Suggested sobriety for the GVR is 2 years continuous sobriety. The Grapevine chair should plan to attend the Area 24 Spring and Fall Conference workshop on Grapevine, or send a representative if not able to.
Term: Two years

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