The Treatment Chair attends all District functions and meetings reporting their committees' activities and upcoming events. It is suggested that the Treatment Chair have 2 years continuous sobriety. The Treatment Chair is responsible for coordinating the work of individual members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in hospitals, alcoholism treatment and rehabilitation centers. The Treatment Chair is also responsible for coordinating the Bridge the Gap program that sends presentation teams into treatment centers to do presentations on our program of recovery, as well as take requests for " temporary contacts". Temporary contacts are people who sign up to take alcoholics coming out of treatment to meetings and help them get started in our program of recovery, by taking them to a variety of meetings, introduce them to alcoholics and get phone numbers of alcoholics in recovery. The Treatment chair should plan to attend the Area 24 Spring and Fall Conference workshop on Treatment, or send a representative if they are not able to. Term: Two years

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